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In the history section, you can find out how it all began!  Who was MCA’s founder?  What was the original vision?  How has it developed over the years?  And where does it work today?
Learn about the work of MCA.  How can children help each other in other countries?  What kinds of things do MCA members learn about each other?  Can MCA members do mission work too? How does MCA make a difference in mission dioceses?
Learn about the many ways MCA members can actively organize. Become a mission coordinator for your parish or school; organize a mission club, use mission education materials in the classroom; and much, much more!
We pride ourselves on offering the most practical and attractive materials to be used by parishes and schools.  Check out our mite boxes, seasonal programs, educational activities and more!What is going on this season in mission? 
Our Chicago office is always cooking up something fun!  October is Mission Month, during Advent, Lent and the Easter season there are many opportunities to celebrate and support MCA at the same time!
The Missionary Childhood Association (formerly Holy Chldhood) is a Catholic children’s organization that benefits children in foreign mission dioceses. Through MCA children learn about the unity of the Church, pray for each other and send monetary support. All the baptized are missionaries, old and young, and we are called to share the Good News. We can proclaim the Gospel in everyday activities right here at home; but we can ALSO have a huge impact in far away places like Africa and Asia!
As the MCA members in Peru say: “De los niños del mundo… ¡SIEMPRE AMIGOS!” (Who are the children of the world? ALWAYS FRIENDS!) With God as our Father, Jesus as our Brother and Mary our Mother, we are one family in mission!
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Ms. Megan Mio
Coordinator, Missionary Childhood Association
3525 S. Lake Park Ave.
Chicago, IL 60653
Ph. 312-534-3310
Fx. 312-534-1599
Megan is relatively new to the Mission Office. She came from work as a Pastoral Associate at Notre Dame de Chicago Parish. She has a passion for her faith and the Church. She is excited to work with Catholic Schools because she is a product of 13 years of Catholic schooling in the Archdiocese of Detroit. She is excited about working with Religious Education Programs at the parishes too, because she worked with kids at her former parish. The parish is the heart of the faith community!


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