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Become a Mission Coordinator for your school or parish!
Are you are a person of faith who is sensitive to justice issues, is aware of the importance of mission, is able to foster awareness and openness to other cultures with children? By sharing your gifts as a Mission Coordinator you could impact the lives of children, strengthen their awareness of mission and help them discover how God is calling them to live the commitment to mission in their daily lives.

– Become a leader in your parish or school and keep the parish staff/administration informed on MCA and the importance of mission

– Get seasonal emails with updates about what our office can do for you and news about upcoming mission events

– Be creative in offering appropriate lessons and activities to your students to encourage them to become active MCA members

– Get help from Megan Mio, MCA Coordinator, to develop ideas and plans



club Establish a Mission Club to enhance leadership skills!
What better way to learn about mission than getting involved? Give the responsibility of planning to your students. Let their creativity run wild as they develop ways to educate their peers in mission and have fun as well.

– Choose/elect representatives from Grades 4-8

– Meet quarterly to design ways to enhance awareness of mission during the school year

– Plan events, projects, speakers, activities, prayer services

– Consider implementing Educational Opportunities, Fundraising Activities, Creative Forms of Prayer and more!


Participate in seasonal programming!
During the special times of year schools and parishes are full of celebrations and activities. Mission can be incorporated into any of them! Keep your students engaged all year round:

– October is Mission Month, you may use the World Mission Sunday Education materials or the world mission rosary

– Advent is a time of call, use Chicago’s Guadalupe program
or the Holy Buckets Program

– Participate in the National Christmas Artwork Contest

– Lent is a prayerful time of year, use Chicago’s Lenten Missionary Journey or the National Prayer and Penny Week

– Incorporate mission into the Easter Season with activities relating to Mary, First Communion and Confirmation

 Learn more about Seasonal Programming HERE.

Advent Program

Chicago’s Advent Program


Utilize the resources that our office can offer you:

Books on mission figures and topics such as The Autobiography of a Soul by St. Therese of Lisieux, stories of missionary’s lives and mission curriculum. Bring a specific topic in mission to life with a book. Read one of the many biographies of Pauline Jaricot, the foundress of the Society for the Propagation of the Faith (and a teenager when she did so). Don’t forget to educate the educators!  Consider looking more into mission yourself with interesting and helpful titles! Mission Books Pauline Jaricot books

Movies for older students can help them understand better what mission means today.  Our office can lend the DVDs to you and offer discussion materials and help lead a discussion.  View these movies with your students and consider the meaning for their lives and for mission:

The Mission (1986)
Romero (1989)
Invictus (2009)
The Way (2010)
The Blind Side (2010)
Of Gods and Men (2010)

Mission DVD's

We have a library of short
Videos on topics such as the World Mission Rosary, Archbishop Fulton Sheen, missionary saints and more…  
see a few here!

Presentations from the MCA Coordinator or other missionary speakers… Missionaries or people who have recently been on a mission trip can share their experience with students. MCA Coordinator, Megan Mio, is prepared to offer presentations on a variety of mission-related topics such as: St. Therese of Lisieux, Mary/Our Lady of Guadalupe and the World Mission Rosary.

We have a collection of Formational Materials that can be used and adapted to almost any setting!  Click HERE to see a full listing of all the materials we can offer, and much of it for FREE!

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