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Materials, activities and ideas for other times of the year can be found here: www.wearemissionary.org/mca/order-materials/

Lenten Missionary Journey

This adaptable seven-session program introduces the vocation of missionaries who serve in different contexts.  The journey can last one session or up to seven sessions.  It offers seven distinct stories that emphasize a part of the Lenten journey to the Cross and Resurrection.

2018 Lenten Mission Calendar

Each day of the Lenten Season has a reflection, activity or challenge for your students.  Be a missionary this Lent and offer yourself to the children of mission dioceses in union with the sacrificial love of Christ!  Available in English and Spanish.

National Prayer and Penny Week 2018

Focus your students attention during this special week of Lent.  Pray every day and offer some creative and fun activities to awaken the missionary spirit.  Materials provided by the national office of the Missionary Childhood Association.  2018 dates not available yet.

Stations of the Cross for Young People

Connect the holy Season of Lent to the missionary call with this specially designed prayer service and way of the cross that reminds us of our universal spirituality.



MCA Collection Boxes for Lent

Encourage your students to make a sacrifice this holy season for children like themselves in mission dioceses around the world. Also help them learn more about what their gifts can do with The Offering Activity (available in English & Spanish). 

Contact Megan Mio to order MCA collection boxes.

Discover Your Neighbor Program

discover-your-neighborA mission engagement resource for Catholic youth,
Discover Your Neighbor is an interactive education program for teachers sponsored by the Maryknoll Fathers & Brothers. DYN empowers young people to become agents of encounter to transform our world!  Lenten theme: Economic Justice.

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mca news

Learn more about what’s going on here in the office,
and out in the parishes and schools.
Who’s active? What kinds of projects are they involved in?
What efforts are we making to reach out to you!

pray for the world

One of the first and most important aspects
of being a member of MCA is prayer!
Learn a few new prayers that can be shared with youth.
Try out different forms of prayer and prayer activities.

missionary saintsYou will meet new missionary saints.
Look at all the different ways they are missionaries
Men and women, lay and ordained, old and young…
Each one shared God’s love with the world.
mission journalWhat better way to learn about the life of a missionary
than from the missionaries themselves?!
Read over some stories about the ministry of missionaries
and learn about the people they serve.


what do we believe
In here you’ll find mini-lessons about the faith
that lies behind mission in easy-to-understand chunks.
Get the basics and see how they connect
to many other aspects of our faith.

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