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World Mission Rosary

These activities and prayers are a great way to honor Our Lady during the month of May.  Find joyous and fun ways to pray for and with the missions this Easter Season!

End of the Year Report

Remember to inform the Mission Office of the work your students have done to participate in mission! Fill out the form linked on the left and be sure to send in your donations BEFORE JUNE 30.

Our Lady Queen of the Missions

Learn more about five new images of Mary from the five different parts of the world.  What are the similarities and differences between each?  This is a creative and instructive activity.

Our Father in 5 Languages

Teach your students the universality of prayer.  Find the Lord’s Prayer in five new languages that represent the five parts of the world.  Also reflection questions!

First Communion and Mission

 When we take Communion we become the Body of Christ.  Help your First Communicants understand their role as followers of Christ in the world.  They will discover how they are also part of the Church’s Body of Christ.

Confirmation and Mission

Encourage your older students to think about their vocation as confirmed Catholics.  They have been tasked with building the Kingdom of God.  How do they already participate?  How would they like to?

 Check out our MCA news blogs!

mca news

Learn more about what’s going on here in the office,
and out in the parishes and schools.
Who’s active? What kinds of projects are they involved in?
What efforts are we making to reach out to you!

pray for the world

One of the first and most important aspects
of being a member of MCA is prayer!
Learn a few new prayers that can be shared with youth.
Try out different forms of prayer and prayer activities.

missionary saintsYou will meet new missionary saints.
Look at all the different ways they are missionaries
Men and women, lay and ordained, old and young…
Each one shared God’s love with the world.
mission journalWhat better way to learn about the life of a missionary
than from the missionaries themselves?!
Read over some stories about the ministry of missionaries
and learn about the people they serve.


what do we believe
In here you’ll find mini-lessons about the faith
that lies behind mission in easy-to-understand chunks.
Get the basics and see how they connect
to many other aspects of our faith.

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