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This section is devoted to prayer, offering a variety of:

  • Prayers of mission, and missionaries
  • Prayer related to social justice issues
  • Christian music and liturgical songs
  • Quotes to provoke thoughts of mission with children

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“Prayer is a surge of the heart;
it is a simple look
turned toward heaven,
it is a cry of recognition and love.”
-St. Therese of Lisieux

Afr singers_0Prayer is all about talking to God.  When you talk to friends or family you could do it in many different ways.  Sometimes you have a lot to say, sometimes you just have a quick chat.  Sometimes you tell a story and sometimes you share an emotion.  Sometimes you ask for help and other times you help someone else.  It is the same with God.  When you talk to God you have to do some talking and some listening.  Prayer involves all of these things.

One way to think about the many different types of prayer is to look at it as a kind of communication with God.  There are different ways to communicate with God.  Consider these types of prayers:

  • Rote Prayers: These are prayers that you memorize and repeat.  These are prayers that the church tradition has passed down for many years.  Sometimes they are said over and over so that the meaning goes far beyond just the words.  With rote prayers we are telling God that we believe.  The Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be and Creed are examples of this.
  • Spontaneous Prayer: These are prayers that come straight from the heart.  The words are all your own.  When you pray this way you can tell God about what ever is on your mind.  Sometimes you will say thank you, sometimes pray for someone you know or sometimes you want to ask for something.
  • Meditation: This kind of prayer involves our imaginations.  When you meditate you envision yourself there with Jesus.  You need to focus your thoughts on the scene or story.  You could also meditate on the life of a saint or another event in your life where God spoke to you.
  • Contemplation: This is a difficult form of prayer!  It requires you to only think about God.  You need to not only focus your mind, but you focus only on God!  Go somewhere quiet and sit comfortably, then think “I am in the presence of God.” (it really is difficult)
  • Body Prayer: This kind of prayer uses your whole body posture.  The way we move also comunicates with God.  Some people like to kneel, some like to dance, and some like to walk (in a labrynth).  This helps you to think and pray about how God is a part of your life.  Give this one a try, look at the example below!

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