Past, Present, and Future

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When: Thursday, November 9

6:30pm Reception
7:00pm Presentation

Where: DePaul Student Center (Lincoln Park)

2250 N Sheffield Ave Rm. 314B

Center for World Catholicism and Intercultural Theology, DePaul University

During the first 6 centuries of Christianity, North Africa was one of the “heartlands.” Today, the African continent is again one of the most vital places of growth in the Catholic Church. What connections exist between Africa’s centrality to the Church in the past and its present and future importance? And what does its growing role mean for the Church on a global level?

About the speaker: Paul Kollman, CSC, is associate professor of theology & executive director of the Center for Social Concerns at the University of Notre Dame. His teaching experience includes positions in Nairobi and Jinja, Uganda, and he has carried out research in Nigeria, eastern Africa, and South Africa.

About the photo: The “Hekima Christus” triptych mural at Hekima University Chapel in Nairobi. The center panel shows Christ’s crucifixion and glorification. To the right is the Gospel scene of the multiplication of loaves & fishes, and to the left is the miracle at Cana from the Gospel of John. (Design by Engelbert Mveng, SJ, and photo by Armel Setubi)

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