Parish Collections and Donations

Mission Cooperative Plan (Summer Mission Co-Op):

A young Kenyan girl makes her donation

A young Kenyan girl makes her donation

By April, every participating parish will receive a letter from the Mission Office that contains information about its assigned missionary cause.  Soon after, the pastor will be contacted by a representative of the assigned missionary group to schedule one appeal weekend visit in June, July or August. When the appeal weekend arrives, the speaker will provide a letter with proof of authorization bearing the seal of this office. (Priests will also provide an Endorsement Letter from the Office for Extern and International Priests.)

The second collection is NOT taken up by the appeal speaker, nor are any funds to be given directly to him or herThe collection is taken up by the parish, counted and deposited in the parish account.  Within one month a check is sent to the Mission Office. It is made out to the “Mission Office” with “MCP- (year)” in the memo line. (address: Mission Office 3525 S. Lake Park Ave. Chicago, IL 60632)  Please use the yellow remittance card. Once the funds from the parishes have been sent to the Mission Office they are recorded and sent to the missionary group.  The parish will receive a receipt for the donated funds.  Please do not wait more than a month to send the collection as the missionaries count on these funds. 

Tips for a Successful Missionary Visit

Visiting Missionaries and the Summer Mission Co-Op Plan (best practices)

A Speaker Wishing to Collect Funds from a Parish:

Many pastors receive requests from missionaries and representatives of overseas Catholic organizations who wish to speak on behalf of their group in order to collect funds. This is a wonderful opportunity to connect our local parishes with the Universal Church. However, to protect both the parish and the missionary, it is essential that the pastor or a staff member of the parish contact the Mission Office (312.534.3322) before accepting the visitor.

Prayer for the World Church

Prayer for the World Church

The Mission Office can verify the authenticity of the missionary and the cause, and ensure that the money raised will be received by the appropriate project or diocese. Even if a parishioner or pastor knows the bishop, priest, religious sister/brother or layperson, it is best practice to have the Mission Office independently verify the legitimacy of the request. It is also in the best interest of the missionary to communicate his or her activity to the Mission Office as most visiting missionaries have a restricted visa that will not allow them to carry money home.

Any missionary or international visitor who wishes to solicit donations in the Archdiocese of Chicago MUST seek the assistance of the Mission Office so that he or she is not found in violation of their visa. To avoid legal concerns, the parish that takes up the collection must follow the same procedure as the summer Mission Cooperative Plan.

Visiting Missionaries and the Summer Mission Co-Op Plan (best practices)

World Mission Sunday Collection:

World Mission Sunday is celebrated throughout the Universal Church on the second to last Sunday in October each year. It is taken up under the auspices of the Society for the Propagation of the Faith for the needs of mission dioceses around the world.

After the collection is taken up, it is deposited in the parish account.  The parish prepares and sends a check to the Mission Office. It should be made payable to “The Society for the Propagation of the Faith” with “WMS- (year)” in the memo line. (address: Mission Office 3525 S. Lake Park Ave. Chicago, IL 60632)  Please use the grey remittance card. The financial year of the Mission Office ENDS IN DECEMBER each year. The office must report our donations to the national office of the Pontifical Mission Societies by the end of the calendar year.

World Mission Sunday Procedures

Missionary Childhood Association (MCA):

collection boxSchools, Religious Education Programs and classrooms will take up collections for the Missionary Childhood throughout the year, sometimes coinciding with Advent, Lent or October (Mission Month).  Collection boxes are available at no cost, along with other educational and formational resources, to be used for individual or group donations.  Once funds are collected, the parish or school will deposit the total in the local account.  A check is prepared and sent to the Mission Office by the end of the following June along with the end of the year report form (or some description of the collection).  The check is made out to “Missionary Childhood Association,” and sent to Missionary Childhood Association Attn: Megan Mio 3525 S. Lake Park Ave. Chicago, IL 60653.  The school or program will receive a receipt and thank you letter.

MCA End of the Year Report

Designated Mission Support:

Parishes with international mission relationships who wish to send funds directly to a specific mission cause MUST contact the Mission Office for verification and assistance with wire transfer services.  The Mission Office will require certain documentation including: a letter from the local bishop or religious superior acknowledging the relationship, a statement of certification for any representative individual priest or religious, a detailed report of how the funds will be used, and wire transfer bank details.  Each designated mission relationship is handled according to the nature of the request.  Please contact the Mission Office for more information and to describe the specific relationship.

Funding Guidelines for Missionaries

Donations of Vestments and Liturgical Goods:

Parishes and individuals who are looking to donate used liturgical items such as vestments, chalices, pyxes, monstrances, small holy images/statues, and rosaries can send them to the Mission Office so that they may be passed on to missionary priests and religious.  Please contact the Mission Office to determine how to deliver the items or if a particular item can be donated.

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